Saints Worldwide is a digital activations, info-marketing and experiential agency with a wide foot print across Central Africa, the UK , Australia and Canada


In 2000 a chance trip by the founding directors to Beitbridge became the cradle of the Saints business idea. During the trip the idea to birth a business that would offer marketing solutions to marketing challenges with measurable ROI as the key deliverable was mooted. However at that time it was an idea whose time had not come but a divine appointment w hose consummation was to be fulfilled nine years later.

Saints Worldwide was formed in 2009 by David Dzumbira and associate
partner Patson Chimbwanda. The mission was to fill the void of
customer generation results in a world of agencies that didn’t focus on
ROI driven turned direct and experiential marketing into a science. With
concepts conceived in data, we develop and deploy campaigns that
convert serving the right message to the right audience, at the right time, for the right price.

To become the authority on direct and digital marketing for customer generation.

We exist to provide dynamic & measurable marketing solutions to
marketing challenges being faced by global brands.

PEOPLE – To treat each other and our clients with professional regard
and consider dierent perspectives on each problem — without
sacrificing the rigorous pursuit of better thinking.

Saints Distribution

Experiential & direct marketing

In-retail marketing & media management

Digital activations & social media

Purchase  airtime for all networks, Telone Voice and WiFi

Buy basic groceries available on the platform.

Purchase pharmaceuticals online from your nearest Pharmacy

Place adverts and advertise on the Zimbostoro platform

Get Daily News, Sports news as well as Daily devotional


BA Clocking


Real Time reporting


Data collection


Image capturing


Planogram monitoring


Real Time Order Placement




Database management



Marketing Activations


Saints 360 Strategy


Ground Marketing Strategies

South Africa

Saints Marketing Solutions

Zambia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania

Saints Wordwide

USA , Canada, Australia, United Kingdom


7 McMeekan Road
Milton Park, Harare

Our hours

08:00 AM – 16.00 PM
Monday – Friday

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Phone: +263 784786670

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